Ukraine Receives Military Aid from US and UK (UPDATED)

British aircraft carrying UK military equipment for Ukrainian Army / Photo credit: Twitter / Oleksii Reznikov
British aircraft carrying UK military equipment for Ukrainian Army / Photo credit: Twitter / Oleksii Reznikov

During the last few days, four aircraft arrived, carrying military goods and equipment for the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces. These include ammunition, bulletproof vests, and helmets to oppose Russian aggression

The ninth aircraft from the US with additional military aid arrived in Ukrainian airport Boryspil, according to the statement by Oleksii Reznikov, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine. He published that on his Twitter account on February 9 afternoon, Defense Express reports.

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The ninth National Airlines' Boeing 747-412 (BCF) carried over 80 tons of ammunition from the US partners. This will add to already received 1000 tons of military aid, that Ukraine got in the framework of additional defense support package from the United States.

Update: on the evening of February 9, the tenth planeload of US military aid arrived. Oleksii Reznikov announced it on his Twitter page, mentioning another 80 tons of cargo on the board.

Earlier this day Ukrainian Defense Minister also announced the arrival of the British aircraft with non-lethal equipment for the Army of Ukraine. The batch includes bulletproof vests and helmets, says the tweet.

Here is the video showcasing the British aircraft's arrival, brought by in time Ukraine YT-channel:

Reznikov hasn't yet officially announced the purport of British Kalita Air Boeing 747-4B5F arrival on February 6, nor its cargo. The aircraft departed from Dover military base. The details on military transport Airbus A400M's arrival on February 5–6 remain unveiled, too.

UK aircraft deployed military equipment to Ukraine, Defense Express, Oleksii Reznikov
Defensive equipment received by the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces from the UK / Poto credit: Facebook / Oleksii Reznikov

As previously Defense Express reported, UK air carriers used to deploy not only equipment but also British elite troops and NLAW missile systems as a sign of support towards Ukraine as it faces an escalation of tensions around its border. Around 140,000 Russian troops gathered for military drills near Ukraine, in Belarus, and in the currently occupied territories of Eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

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