Ukrainian Technology
Ukrainian Technology
#4, 2020


Valerii  Riabykh

Ukrainian Technologies: Ukrainian Private-Sector Defense Industries Directory 2020

Dear readers!

Privately held defense manufacturers, with every passing year, have been playing an ever increasing role in enhancing operational effectiveness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, having accounted for a majority share of the Government Defense Procurement Contract.

Private initiative has proved its validity and effectiveness in the manufacture of both military equipment and dual-use technologies and services.

As a result of deviation from old, Soviet-stale practices of management in the Defense Industry, combined with gradual liberalization of the industry, a number of private defense manufacturers have been licensed by the Government to sell own-label defense-related products in export markets and to buy defense-related products from foreign suppliers directly wherein it’s needed for their respective production programs. This was possible thanks, in no small part, to effort and commitment by non-governmental associations of defense manufacturers, one of the most affluent being the Ukrainian League of Defense Industries (pp. 54-55). The League’s member companies encompass a broad variety of industries, developing and manufacturing new weapon systems and components. The League has been expanded, year by year, with new members, indicating it has become a visible stakeholder in public-private partnership decision-making in Ukraine. The League takes part in amending the legislative framework regulating public-private partnerships and how the defense industry is managed and operated.

The League’s activities are instrumental in fostering mutually beneficial cooperation with international partners and creating in Ukraine a truly favorable environment for foreign investment into R&D and technology innovation projects.

A contribution to this effort has been made, among others, by the “Ukrainian Technologies: Ukrainian Private-Sector Defense Industries” Directory, a fourth edition of which You are holding in your hands. At the time it was launched in 2016, the Directory had come as an indication of the trend towards ever increasing role of privately-held defense manufacturers in boosting operational effectiveness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and enhancing the Country’s ability to defend itself. We are certain that this Directory will continue its strong contribution to the development of Ukraine’s international cooperation in military technology.

In a short term, another bilingual product (published in Ukrainian and English) -- the Ukrainian Defense Industry Yearbook being now prepared for publication in the “Ukrainian Technology” series” by the Defense Express Media & Consulting Company – will expand opportunities to inform domestic and international audiences about major defense manufacturers in Ukraine, their high-tech products for defense and security, the investment capacity of Ukraine’s defense industry, as well as emerging opportunities for collaborations in international markets.

You are welcome to join us! We are stronger together!

Valerii Riabykh

Defense Express Media & Consulting Company,

Director for Development,

“Ukrainian Technology: Ukrainian Private-Sector

Defense Industries” Founder and Publisher

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