Kyiv AVF Launches Trials of its New Command/Staff Vehicle it Developed for Thailand

The BTR-4KSh-T prototype has been built as part of an export deal
BTR-4KSh-T prototype built on the BTR-4 8x8 chassis
BTR-4KSh-T prototype built on the BTR-4 8x8 chassis

Kyiv Armored Vehicle Factory, a state-owned company affiliated with the Ukroboronprom defense industries group, has completed initial on-road trials of its new command/staff vehicle, to be known as BTR-4KShT, which is built on the 8x8 BTR-4U chassis

The BTR-4KShT has been developed to meet the requirement of the Royal Navy of Thailand.

The prototype is slated for further upgrade that Kyiv AVF is going to do in partnership with the private firm NVK Chezara TechAviaCom. Enhancements will include a multi-target weapon station “Iva-M”, an intercom system, a battlefield management system switch, a situational awareness camera, and a driving support system.

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Multi-target, 12.7-mm weapon station “Iva-M”

The passenger compartment in the vehicle provides accommodation for a staff of 8 personnel.

The prototype BTR-4KShT vehicle is scheduled to be delivered as kit to Customer by year’s end.

Varied configurations of BTR-3 based combat vehicles that Kyiv AVF built and delivered to the military of Thailand in previous years

DE Memo: In years from 2008 to 2019, Kyiv AVF was building and delivering armored vehicles based on the BTR-3 APC's chassis to the Thailand military. Over that period, the Thailand army bought from Ukraine around two hundred BTR-3 based vehicles, including baseline BTR-3E1s, commander vehicles BTR-3K, armored ambulances BTR-3S, armored recovery & repair vehicles BTR-3BR, tank destroyers BTR-3RK, and mortar vehicles BTR-3M1/M2, under several contracts totaling more than $ 250 million.

Developed for the military of Thailand, the BTR-3KSh armored command/staff vehicle completed its trials program in 2019

It has been reported that the first BTR-3KSh was delivered as kit to Thailand in early 2019.

BTR-4KSh-T on display at Defence and Security 2017 expo held in Thailand

Meanwhile, Myanmar is planning to set up a licensed assembly line for BTR-4U vehicles, under a deal reported by Ukroboronprom in 2020

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