Yemen Sets its Sights on Ukraine’s New Infantry Portable Cannon in the Wake of IDEF’21 Expo

AT Zavod Mayak’s newly developed infantry portable cannon, the PG-14.5, seen on display at IDEF-2021 International Defense Industry Fair
AT Zavod Mayak’s newly developed infantry portable cannon, the PG-14.5, seen on display at IDEF-2021 International Defense Industry Fair

AT Zavod Mayak maintains its new infantry portable cannon, the PG-14.5, has evoked interest from lots of potential international customers following the product’s debut at the International Defense Industry Fair IDEF-2021 earlier this month

At the International Defense Industry Fair IDEF-2021 held in Turkey earlier in August, the Ukrspecexport company, an affiliate of the Ukroboronprom defense industries group, showcased for the first time the innovative infantry portable cannon PG-14.5 (aka Night Predator).

The new anti-materiel weapon product was developed by Mayak-Perspectiva (a subsidiary of AT Zavod Mayak specializing in development of infantry portable cannons in the range from 14.5 mm to 30 mm) in a configuration optimized for Arabian desert operation, named “Arabia. Desert Snake”.

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AT Zavod Mayak’s newly developed infantry portable cannon PG-14.5 seen on display at IDEF-2021 International Defense Industry Fair

As maintained by the PG-14.5 developer company, its new portable cannon evoked much interest from the exhibition guests and visitors and there have been started talks with potential export customers, among them the Republic of Yemen Ministry of Defense.

The Night Predator is chambered for 14.5 x 114 mm round

In the context of Yemen, the PG-14.5 Night Predator is being promoted as a cost effective solution the country’s Navy and Coast Guard forces could employ in combating threats at sea.

AT Zavod Mayak Chief of Design is seen standing amid the Company’s new infantry portable cannon, the PG-14.5 Night Predator, at the IDEF-2021 international defense expo

Mayak-Perspectiva CEO and Chief of Design, Oleksandr Hordeev, in an exclusive interview for Defense Express, said, “We are currently proceeding to the process of contract signature with Yemen. The next step to be taken is capability demonstration and an introduction to the essentials training course on ‘The tactics and strategy of modern anti-materiel warfare based on real-world combat experience with the PG-14.5 infantry portable cannon’ to be held in that country”.

The PG-14.5 is designed to defeat today’s light armored targets like AFVs, light to medium armored troop carrier vehicles, automated turrets, unmanned ground vehicles etc, from ranges up to 3,000 m

As seen from the above, the Republic of Yemen, following suit of its neighboring Arabian Peninsula countries, especially Saudi Arabia, is set to launch a local training school for PG-14.5 Desert Snake operators.

The PG-14.5 can damage or put out of operation even the most advanced combat vehicles like MBTs or heavy AFVs by targeting mounted equipment and otherwise vulnerable systems while itself remaining invisible to adversary from 700 m

The Night Predator left an extremely positive impression among defense official delegations who visited the Ukrainian display.

The “Arabia. Desert Snake” configuration has been specifically designed for hot-climate operation

“Representatives of different countries who had seen this new product shared the opinion that it offers a niche capability in a modern conflict environment and every camouflaged system on modern armored vehicles could be a potential target. It would be safe to say that the PG-14.5 has already won international recognition while being an exclusive Ukrainian product”, Mr Hordeev has said.

The PG-14.5 infantry portable cannon has succeeded through testing held in the Arabian Peninsula

Saudi Arabia was the initial export customer for the PG-14.5. The country has recently brought the new Ukrainian weapon through testing and evaluation process and held the first PG-14.5 weapon operating course.

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