Private Company Ramzay has Developed an Attack Helicopter Drone

Armed Drone AV500W seen during missile launch trials held in 2018
Armed Drone AV500W seen during missile launch trials held in 2018

The first prototype is scheduled to take to the air as early as this year

PrAT Ramzay JSC, a member company of the Ukrainian League of Defense Industries, has developed Ukraine’s first indigenous armed rotor drone.

Ramzay is going to unveil the first prototype at the Arms & Security International Expo that is scheduled to take place this June in Kyiv, according to Yuri Polyovyy, the Company CEO.

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Few countries have the capability to develop armed drone helicopters, among them China with its AV500W drone

Ramzay’s rotor drone is designed with a capability to carry and launch missile weapons, which logically suggests significant dimensions and payload capability. Beyond that, this technology offers the ability to engage targets in intense electronic warfare environments, its developers claim.

This armed drone project has been under development during the past few years, and the first prototype is expected to make its maiden flight this year.

DE memo: Ranzay is renowned as system integrator and developer (in a collaboration with DKKB Luch, PAT Motor-Sich and DP Photoprylad) of the 524R missile fire control kit that enables the upgraded helicopter Mi-8MSB-V to launch Barrier-V ATGMs.

Motor-Sich Mi-8MSB-V helicopter seen on display at MSPO-2018 arms expo, equipped with the 524R missile fire-control kit that PrAT Ramzay developed collaboratively with DKKB Luch, PAT Motor-Sich and DP Photoprylad

Beyond that, it has been revealed that industry trials began for another development project – a helicopter fire/weapon control kit encompassing an optical targeting system which adds R-73 IR homing air-to-air missile capability to the air-to-ground weapons package that strike helicopters commonly use.

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