DKKB Luch has Disclosed Countries Willing to Purchase its Vilkha MLRS, Neptune ASCM Systems

Neptune ASC and Vilkha-M MLRS missiles on display at Arms & Security 2021 Fair
Neptune ASC and Vilkha-M MLRS missiles on display at Arms & Security 2021 Fair

DKKB Luch has disclosed the names of countries looking to buy the state-of-the-art weapon systems from Ukraine

The anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM) system Neptune and multi-launch rocket system (MLRS) Vilkha-M have evoked most interest from four countries, Oleh Korostelev, DKKB Luch CEO has said.

A unit of Vilkha-M, which is an extended, 110 km range variant of the baseline Vilkha MLRS, is currently being manufactured on order for an export customer, he said.

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Note that this is taking place while the Vilkha-M technology is still being undergoing Official Qualification Trials (OQT) and awaiting formal introduction into the Ukrainian armed forces.

Vilkha-M MLRS missile and specifications

“While negotiations are still in progress at various levels of intensity, Vilkha-M is already in production for the [United Arab] Emirates”, Mr Korostelev told reporters on the sidelines of the Security Forum titled “Effective Industries for Defense” held in Odessa from July 16 to 17.

Mockups of the DKKB Luch R626M Vilkha-M MLRS missile launcher and RK-360-MC Neptune ASCM launcher built on a Tatra truck chassis are seen here displayed at Arms & Security 2021 Expo

Two other countries that are in line to acquire the missile systems from Ukraine are Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Neptune ASCM launcher was originally built on KrAZ-763 NE 8x8 truck chassis, but the troubles that had faced AvtoKrAZ forced another choice favoring Tatra T 815-7T3R41 8х8 1R truck chassis

DKKB Luch announced in April that it had secured first export deals for its MLRS system Vilkha-M, but stopped short of disclosing the names of recipient countries.

R-360 Neptune ASCM and R626M Vilkha-M MLRS missile seen on display at Arms & Security Expo

Mr Korostelev has confirmed Defense Express reports released in December 2020 that Indonesia had signed a Memorandum of Intent with Ukraine to buy a Neptune battery.

R-360 Neptune ASCM was on display at Arms & Security 2021 Expo

“Yes, it’s true. Negotiations are continuing with Indonesia. They are seeking our Neptune,” he said.

Mockup of the shore-based ASCM Neptune launcher built on a Tatra truck chassis seen on Display at Arms & Security 2021 Expo

Mr Korostelev also said that Ukrainian ASCM weapons had evoked an interest from two more countries, but was reluctant to name them, saying, “Negotiations are too far from being finished, and so it’s too early to talk about this yet”.

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