Ukraine’s NVK Iskra has Developed a Multifunctional, ‘Three-In-One’ Radar

Artistic rendering of Iskra’s projected multi-mission radar / Image Credit: Apostrophe TV
Artistic rendering of Iskra’s projected multi-mission radar / Image Credit: Apostrophe TV

To date, NVK Iskra has completed concept design for a “radar of the future” that could make up a core of Ukraine’s air defense shield

The R&D and Production Company NVK Iskra – a renowned Ukrainian manufacturer of radar systems -- has revealed details of its new multi-mission radar to be known as L1300 Mangust/Mongoose.

“The L1300 Mongoose is a multifunctional radar that can operate in surveillance mode – that is to scan the airspace at reasonably long range. It can switch over to counter-battery mode and deliver functionality of a quality counter-battery radar, and it can provide guidance data for a guided munition, Iskra CEO Yuri Pashchenko told Security Talks, in an interview hosted by Valentyn Badrak.

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L1300 Mongoose is a three-in-one solution replacing the Zoopark-3 counter-battery radar and 36D6M/80K6KS1 surveillance radars, which are all heavy, bulky, non-self-propelled systems

That said, this state-of-the-art technology provides a three-in-one replacement for Iskra’s other recent product releases – the 1L220UK counter-battery radar and 36D6M/80K6 series surveillance radars.

“This is a multifunctional radar that is able to operate as counter-battery radar; it can also track down unmanned aerial vehicle targets and fifth-gen fighters with low RCS configurations -- that is, any kind of object and target, aerodynamic or ballistic", chief of R&D at NVK Iskra, Oleksiy Zalevsky has explained.

Iskra’s rendering reveals the L1300 Mongoose will offer a compact size and good mobility due to being mounted on a 6x6 off-road truck chassis / Photo Credit: Apostrophe TV

The L1300 could soon become a robust pivotal core of Ukraine’s nation-wide air defense system, providing the detection of and protection from "long-range" threats and operating allied to other domestically developed capabilities like the SAM systems currently being developed by DKKB Luch and KB Yuzhnoye/Pivdenne, Yuri Pashchenko has said.

L1300 Mongoose has the potential to provide the core capability for Ukraine’s projected SAM systems – Сoral and Kilchen

«In Ukraine, this radar could make up a basis for a nationwide air defense system similar to Israel’s Iron Dome. When paired with domestically manufactured weapon-fire capabilities, this could make the basis for a recon-strike complex. This, I am confident, is where future belongs to,” Mr Pashchenko said

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