French CAESAR Self-Propelled Gun Have Already Destroyed 80 Enemy Artillery Systems

Illustrative photo of the French CAESAR SPG
Illustrative photo of the French CAESAR SPG

The 155mm French CAESAR SPG due to its rapid-fire and mobility successfully resists russian counterparts during the russo-Ukraine war

Defense Express states, that the tendency of this war has revealed the importance of having good artillery units since the confrontation at the frontlines of Ukraine consists of artillery duels for the most part when the winner turns out to be more talented of simply with better equipment or reconnaissance data. That’s why modern artillery units provided to Ukraine are vitally important to resist the russian aggression.

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General enemy’s losses are shown daily (which can be seen above), but it would be interesting to see how separate artillery units succeed in counter-battery fights. That’s what has been stated recently by the French journalist Maryse Burgot:

“80 units of artillery units have already been destroyed by our CAESAR SPG donated to Ukraine”, the message says.

French Caesar Self-Propelled Gun Have Already Destroyed 80 Enemy Artillery Systems, Defense Express, war in Ukraine, Russian-Ukrainian war
Illustrative photo from open sources

There’s not much combat footage of the given self-propelled gun, but you can find out some in the following publications:

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