Media Reveal Magura V5, the Ukrainian Naval Drone: Features and Specifications

Ukrainian Magura V5 naval drone in action / Still image of CNN report
Ukrainian Magura V5 naval drone in action / Still image of CNN report

The naval drone has improved, it now carries up to 300 kg of explosive payload and carries a large satellite receiver

Video report from Ukraine, released today by CNN, features the sea drone used for attacks on the russian military ships and bases in the Black Sea. In fact, the video confirms that the new drone called Magura V5 has already become a part of the Ukrainian arsenal.

The name and specifications were disclosed by the Ukrainian delegation at IDEF 2023 military forum in Turkiye earlier this week. CNN only mentions some of the features: payload capacity of 300 kg (700 lb) of explosives, and an operational range of 800 km (500 miles).

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The number of such drones available to the Ukrainian military is unknown. As of late 2022, the fundraising campaign by United24 had gathered money for at least 30 drones, the project is still in progress.

At the IDEF 2023, Ivan Sybyriakov, Manager of Unmanned Systems Center at state-owned arms trading enterprise SpetsTechnoExport (STE) provided some more insights.

In particular, he stressed that the Magura V5 is a multi-purpose platform that can be equipped with a variety of sensors and payloads based on the needs of the mission. In addition to suicide attacks, it can also carry out reconnaissance and surveillance missions. Video-presentation also mentions fleet security, search-and-rescue, and mine warfare operations.

Magura V5 specifications
Magura V5 specifications / Still image of the promo video from STE

The engine of the vessel is either electric or hybrid to ensure stealthiness. Guidance can be performed manually via a wireless mesh network, satellite communication, or "autonomously". As additional equipment, such systems as a dual-view electro-optic system with a gyroscope, marine radar, and laser rangefinder are mentioned.

On a note from Defense Express, those sophisticated features are unlikely to be installed on a one-way suicide drone though. In the report from CNN, we can see the drone being operated via quite a simple waterproof FPV camera.

The naval drone is said to be controlled either manually or autonomously
The naval drone is said to be controlled either manually or autonomously / Still image of CNN report

The name Magura V5 suggests that it is the 5th generation of this drone, which was also confirmed by Ivan Sybyriakov. Earlier Defense Express pointed to the possibility there are several generations of naval drones, or even different types for respective sorts of operations.

Evolution of the naval attack drones of Ukraine
Evolution of the naval attack drones of Ukraine / Infographics by H I Sutton

For example, in April 2023, the Toloka TLK-150 maritime attack drone was presented as part of the Brave1 cluster for the development of defense technologies. Instead of a boat, it looks more like a submarine with only its camera peeking out of the water, and it comes in three variants.

There is also the "jet ski" version that was seen in russian footage after the July 17th drone on Sevastopol attack but never revealed to the public. Here's also our article from November 2022 for you to compare the features of the latest generation to the specs of the very first version:

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