​Ukrainian Helicopters Will Get AMPS Protection Upgrade from Hensoldt

Illustrative photo: Mi-8 of the Ukrainian Armed Forces / Screenshot credit: Ukrainian Navy
Illustrative photo: Mi-8 of the Ukrainian Armed Forces / Screenshot credit: Ukrainian Navy

This will be the second batch of additional self-protection systems for rotorcraft from Hensoldt, the previous one was received by Ukrainian forces in summer 2023

German defense manufacturer Hensoldt has announced it received a new order for Airborne Missile Protection System (AMPS) to strengthen the Ukrainian Defense Forces helicopters. The details of this contract are not disclosed but the company notes in the press release from June 5th that the "order value is in the double-digit million range."

The AMPS system should increase the defense capability of Ukrainian military helicopters, notes Tanya Altmann, Head of the Optronics & Land Solutions Division at Hensoldt. This kit of various integrated sensors is aimed to protect the airborne vehicle from a wide range of threats, and above all from surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles.

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The Airborne Missile Protection System is a flexible, stand-alone self-protection solution for helicopters and aeroplanes. Thanks to its modular design, AMPS can be easily configured to meet specific operational requirements and for different mission profiles," the manufacturer points out.

The AMPS system consists of the following components: missile launch detection sensor, a control and display unit, and the active confirmation system, which determines the distance and speed of detected missiles and eliminates false alarms.

The company also declares that AMPS can be seamlessly integrated with the flare dispensers already installed in the helicopter.

AMPS system inside a helicopter / Defense Express / Ukrainian Helicopters Will Get AMPS Armor Upgrade from Hensoldt
AMPS system inside a helicopter / Illustrative image credit: Hensoldt

Also, AMPS can be configured with a variety of other subsystems, like the missile, laser and radar warning systems, a system of directed infrared countermeasures, etc.

On a note from Defense Express, this is the second time that Hensoldt supplies AMPS equipment to Ukraine, the previous delivery was announced in June 2023, at the time, the company reported 16 such systems had been transferred.

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