​Ukrainian Drone Maker Demonstrates Its New Shark UAV Target Tracking Capabilities (Video)

Shark UAV carried by a Ukrainian serviceman / Photo credit: OKKO, Come Back Alive Foundation
Shark UAV carried by a Ukrainian serviceman / Photo credit: OKKO, Come Back Alive Foundation

Ukrspecsystems delivers another video of the newly-made Shark reconnaissance drone for deep rear missions with strong EW protection

Ukrainian private company Ukrspecsystems has published a video showing the capability of their recently presented Shark unmanned aerial reconnaissance system to lock and follow the target.

"It's not just a nice plane that flies for a long time, high and far. It should be an efficient and reliable functioning of all components. Roughly speaking, it is a reliable ciphered connection, a quality camera, flawless catapult and a ground station," says the manufacturer.

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In regard to this video, the Horevica community noted that the drone likely has a laser rangefinder and a good flight stabilization system which provides for the corresponding quality of the footage. Different sources name the zoom to be 30x to 90x, in the video we can see the aerial vehicle tracking target from 800 meters away. The detailed specs we covered in this article.

Shark drones for the Ukrainian army from Prytula fund
Following the Ukrainian wartime "tradition", volunteers have already started raising donations to buy Shark drones: two already procured by Prytula Foundation, another 25 systems (with 75 drones) are being rasied by the Come Back Alive Foundation / Photo credit: Serhii Prytula

As a reminder, the purpose of Shark UAV is to fly 60 km deep into the enemy frontline in a hostile environment with strong electronic warfare systems and collect data that can be thereafter used by long-range artillery systems.

Shark UAV
Photo credit: OKKO, Come Back Alive Foundation

Ukrspecsystem says it started working on the Shark after the February 24 start of the russian invasion. The company moved the equipment abroad and continues to work from there.

Drone manufacture by Ukrspecsystems in Poland
Drone manufacture by Ukrspecsystems in Poland / Photo credit: Ukrspecsystems
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