Russia Removing T-80BV From Storage, the Echelon Spotted Near Moscow

The echelon of the T-80BV / Photo credit: Inform Napalm
The echelon of the T-80BV / Photo credit: Inform Napalm

The russian army keeps removing tanks from storage bases to be sent to Ukraine

Another echelon with heavy armor removed from storage bases was spotted in the Moscow region near Naro-Fominsk.

In contrast to the obsolete T-62M tanks which were transported from temporarily occupied Crimea to the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions, this echelon consists of significantly newer T-80BV tanks.

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The removal of the T-80 from storage facilities was known a month ago. In particular, in late April it became known about 100 tanks, which were removed from the 225th base of storage and repair of military equipment of the Central Military District of the Russian Army.

Defense Express notes that these tanks are supplied “as they are”, i.e. without any upgrades, such as thermal imaging sights, new dynamic protection and new means of communication. That is, they remain at the technological level of the 80s.

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