Bayraktar TB2 Went On Hunting Spree: Long-Awaited Videos With High-Precision Strikes (Videos)

Video screenshot
Video screenshot

Bayraktar TB2 UAV reminds again that it can brilliantly solve the tasks once the air-defense of the enemy is suppressed

The Unmanned combat aerial vehicle Bayraktar TB2 began to deliver high-precision strikes on the russians, firing enemy artillery positions.

During the evening of September 1, two recent videos with Bayraktar TB2 strikes appeared on the Internet at once. On the first video as of August 31, the 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled gun was destroyed.

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In another video, as of September 1, there is a successful hunt for a mortar calculation and extra destruction of a truck.

In fact, Bayraktar TB2 returns to the mode when it not only performs the extremely important task of adjusting artillery at a distance of several tens of kilometers, but also independent hunting. Most likely, this happened due to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine significantly reduced the stock of russia’s anti-aircraft missile systems thanks to the HARM-88 adjusted to Ukraine’s aircraft.

Moreover, regular strikes at air bases in the temporarily occupied Crimea forced the enemy to partially withdraw aviation to the Krasnodar Krai.

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