Ukraine's Military has Received 77 Javelin ATGM Systems from the United States since 2018

A launching of Javelin anti-tank missile / Google photo
A launching of Javelin anti-tank missile / Google photo

Ukraine’s Armed Forces have since 2018 received 77x FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile launchers and 540x associated missiles of various modifications, donated by the United States as part of its military aid program

The United States sent 30 Javelin anti-tank guided missile systems to Ukraine in October 2021 as part of its annual military aid to help the country deter Russian aggression, the Pentagon confirmed on December 11. The shipment also included 180 Javelin missiles, the Pentagon said in an e-mail to RadioFreeEurope.

“The Javelins were delivered to Ukraine on Oct. 23. The United States has committed more than $450 million in security assistance to Ukraine in 2021, and this is part of our ongoing commitment to supporting Ukraine’s ability to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Pentagon spokesman Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Anton T. Semelroth said in the e-mail.

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The United States in September said it was sending Javelins to Ukraine as part of an additional $60 million military aid package. However, it did not at the time disclose the number of systems and rockets.

That was not the first time the United States delivered Javelin systems to Ukraine to help the country counter impending Russian invasion. Data from other sources show that Ukraine had in 2018 received 37x Javelin launchers and 210 associated missiles drawn by the United States from its own military stocks and transferred to Ukraine as part of military aid programs, and 10 new-build Javelin launchers and 150 missiles arrived during 2020.

FGM-148 Javelin missile system crew on the front line of the Donbas conflict
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