Ukraine Nearing Self-Sufficiency in Production of Helicopters

Ukraine has joined the elite circle of helicopter manufacturing countries
Ukraine Nearing Self-Sufficiency in Production of Helicopters

Ukraine’s aircraft industry has branched out into the manufacture of rotor-wing aircraft

The country has attained self-sufficiency in the production of the complete range of helicopter systems and components. Helicopter fuselages are not yet in production, but measures are being taken to close this production gap.

This has been revealed from an Ukrinform interview with Vyacheslav Bohuslaev, Motor-Sich CEO:

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“We have been in monthly contact with 37 manufacturing companies and six design and development organizations. Everything, excepting fuselages, in now in production in Ukraine. In Kharkiv, we are launching a fuselage structure assembly line for 4.5 ton class take-off weight helicopters. Meanwhile, there have been made production preparations for heavy medium, 13-t class helicopters, to be followed by 15-t class. Ukraine has its own domestic research & development and manufacturing base [for helicopters].”

Beyond this, Motor-Sich, in 2022, is going to buy a license from a Spanish company for the production of composite materials used in the manufacture of civilian helicopters, he said.

For record, Motor-Sich ended 2020 with a net profit of UAH 0.9 billion, a 228% increase year-on-year.

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