Motor-Sich Wins Helicopter Engine Deal from Turkish Aerospace Industries

Artist’s rendition of Turkey’s planned attack helicopter ATAK-2 / Photo Courtesy of TAI
Artist’s rendition of Turkey’s planned attack helicopter ATAK-2 / Photo Courtesy of TAI

The Ukrainian-built turboshafts are intended to equip Turkey’s future-in-service gunship helicopter, the ATAK-2

Motor-Sich, Ukraine’s leader in the manufacture of aircraft engines, has signed a deal with Turkish Airspace Industries (TAI) to sell 14 turboshaft engines, presumably for integration with the first seven prototypes of the heavy helicopter gunship.

Motor-Sich is expected to supply the initial two engines in September 2022, with the deliveries under the deal running till 2025, according to a statement TAI posted on its official Twitter account on Tuesday, June 29.

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The ATAK-2 helicopter is being developed under a contract signed between Turkey’s Defense Industries Presidency (SSB) and TAI on February 22, 2019

By way of reminder, the ATAK-2 has been under development since 2019, with the maiden flight scheduled for 2023.

The ATAK-2 is designed to replace the lighter weight T129 ATAK -- a Turkish-designed and improved variant of the Agusta A-129 Mangusta – now in Turkish military service.

The Ukrainian engine has been selected as a bridge gap solution until Turkey can build its own indigenous alternative.

ATAK-2 gunship helicopter mockup

The TAI’s statement does not disclose details as to the value of the deal signed or the model designator of the engine (it might be assumed that this is a newly developed version of the TV3-117 engine modified for use on the Turkish chopper).

Motor-Sich 4E Series TV3-117VMA-SBM1Е turboshaft engine seen here on display at Arms & Security 2021 Exhibition
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