​The Biggest Missile Attack on Ukraine so far: Over 90 Missiles, 73 Shot Down

russian Tu-95MS with Kh-101 missiles / Open source illustrative photo
russian Tu-95MS with Kh-101 missiles / Open source illustrative photo

Ukrainian air defense handled 80% of the missiles in the biggest shelling so far, with most of them targeted at civilian infrastructure

Air Force Command of Ukraine reveals details of the russian missile attack on Ukraine on November 15. In the report published shortly after the sirens calmed down over Ukraine.

According to the report, more than 90 cruise missiles and 10 Shahed-type kamikaze drones were used by the russian forces in the attack. 83 air targets were destroyed before they reached the target: 73 missiles and all ten drones.

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russian missile attack on November 15
This many russian assets were destroyed in today's attack. With Ukrainian defenses gradually growing stronger, russians need more missiles to breach them / Infographics: Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

For this aerial assault, 14 Tu-95 aircraft of russian strategic aviation were engaged, that fired around 70 Kh-101/Kh-555 cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea and Volgodonsk, Rostov Oblast; and around 20 "Kalibr" cruise missiles from the Black Sea Fleet carriers stationed in the Black Sea.

The attack affected critical infrastructure of Ukraine and residential buildings. There have already been reports of blackouts in several regions caused by strikes on power supply facilities.

russian missiles hit residential areas / russian missile attack on November 15
russian missiles hit residential areas / Photo credit: State Emergency Service of Ukraine

The report also mentions an "Orion" reconnaissance-and-strike drone shot down. Apparently, this one was not involved in the massive attack but was destroyed earlier today on the frontlines which is also a piece of news worth separate coverage.

Notably, the Air Force Command also noted that all kinds of air defense weapons were used to repel the attack, including the ones recently supplied by western partners. These words may refer to American NASAMS and Spanish Skyguard-Aspide medium-range missile systems, the arrival of those has been revealed lately, and MIM-23 Hawk missile systems that were "on their way" to Ukraine almost two weeks ago.

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