Russians Blow Themselves Up Trying to Thwart Ukraine’s Offensive With 70-Year-Old Mines – Ukraine’s Intelligence

TM-62 antitank mine / Illustrative photo from open sources
TM-62 antitank mine / Illustrative photo from open sources

Ukraine's Defense Intelligence proves that large-scale corruption and theft in the russian army are helping to defend the country from occupiers

The Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to push the enemy back in the Kherson region, causing enemy losses in manpower and equipment. Under these conditions, the russian army, in order to slow down the pace of the Ukrainian army's offensive, resorted to mining the approaches to the new lines of defense.

But the occupiers used mines which were to be disposed of, according to Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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"Several enemy sappers from the battalion tactical group of the 7th military base of the 49th Combined Arms Army of the Southern Military District (unit 09332) of the russian occupation forces have already exploded on old munitions while trying to install minefields," the statement said.

Russians Blow Themselves Up Trying to Thwart Ukraine’s Offensive With 70-year-old Mines – Ukraine’s Intelligence, Defense Express, war in Ukraine, Russian-Ukrainian war
A pile of TM-62 antitank mines remnants / Illustrative photo from open sources

The statement notes that the mining was carried out with ammunition manufactured in the 1950s, stored in warehouses in the Rostov region, and prepared for destruction. However, the russian military responsible for this misappropriated the allocated funds, and instead of recycling sent a dangerous ammo to the front.

In addition, to hide combat losses, russia’s command of the battalion tactical group classified the detonation of its sappers as an accident and their relatives will not receive any payments.

Defense Express’s notes:

Despite Russia outgunning Ukraine in military equipment and personnel, Ukrainian defenders have managed to win battles in Kyiv, Chernihiv and Sumy regions and continue to bravely hold the line in Donbas. However, the situation there is very difficult.

To defend itself and gain its territories back, Ukraine urgently needs multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) and more 155-mm artillery systems.

Russia tries to influence the West and disrupt military aid to Ukraine. The West should not concede to Russia on this matter, because doing so would worsen and escalate the situation, not the other way round.

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