Arms & Security 2021 Expo: First Time Showcase of Oncilla APC Variant being Procured for Ukrainian Military Services

Oncilla APC began to be fielded to Ukrainian units in 2020
Oncilla APC began to be fielded to Ukrainian units in 2020

The Arms & Security 2021 Expo, which was held in Kyiv from June 15 through 18, saw the debut of the variant of the Oncillla APC vehicle that has been fielded to Ukrainian units since last year. Ukraine’s military declines to name the units other than to say that this highly maneuverable, reliable vehicle had augmented the capabilities of the Army’s best combat ready units deployed down range

The Oncilla APC vehicle was displayed equipped with a DEUTZ BF 4M 1013FC 190.5 hp diesel engine integrated with Allison 1000 automatic transmission, allowing highway speeds up to 110 k/h and a maximum range of 750 km.

Oncilla APC on display at Arms & Security 2021 Expo

The already-fielded Oncilla vehicles have been tried out in different scenarios and environments, both winter and summer; some had performed a non-stop, 1,000-km journey in a convoy and have a history of being operated in difficult terrains, in break-up seasons.

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Oncilla has a comfortable driver’s area equipped for full control of the machine and of the situational awareness view / Credit: Defense Express

The vehicle is armed with a remote weapon station with a .50 cal (12.7 mm) NSVT machinegun, which can be used against targets like light armored vehicles, fixed weapons emplacements, troops as well as low, slow flying aerial targets.

Oncilla is armed with a remote weapon station with a .50 cal (12.7 mm) NSVT machinegun / Credit: Defense Express

Weapons are aimed utilizing EO/IR sensors for day/night firing. The sensors can detect/recognize a human target at 1,500/750 m in daylight and 1,000/200 m at night, respectively. An APC-sized target is detectable from 2,000 m both in daylight and at night, and recognizable from 750 m in daylight and 600 at night.

With an advanced remote fire control capability the weapons station is operated from within the vehicle with a high degree of precision, thus eliminating the need to expose the gunner or/and commander while firing the weapons.

The weapons station is remotely operated from within the vehicle / Credit: Defense Express

Inserted into the vehicle’s control interface is a picture-in-picture feature that allows the user to view images from two different sources or to overlay IR images on top of visible images to ensure more effective detection and identification of targets.

The weapon station’s control interface offers a number of useful features / Credit: Defense Express

The machine gun is aimed by one hand using joystick-type controls.

The weapons station on the Oncilla APC vehicle is easy to control by one hand / Credit: Defense Express

The Onciulla APC comes with the following extras included as standard: central tire-pressure regulation system; steering booster; satellite communication and GPS; HVAC system; automatic fire suppression system and hoisting winch.

The Oncilla APC vehicle was showcased at Arms & Security 2021 Expo in a configuration that is being fielded to Ukrainian forces since 2020 / Credit: Defense Express

The Oncilla APC, due to being a versatile platform with a heavy payload capacity, holds a great potential for improvement and further development and could be used as baseline configuration for a comprehensive family of specialist vehicles including: NBC vehicle, command and control vehicle, armored reconnaissance scout vehicle, armored patrol vehicle, anti-tank vehicle, armored ambulance, police vehicle and other special mission configurations that potential customers may require.

The Oncilla is armed with a remote weapons station with a .50 cal (12.7 mm) NSVT machinegun / Credit: Defense Express
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