Over a Thousand Mortars, Updated Varta APC, and a New Interesting Project from Ukrainian Armor

The mortars from Ukrainian Armor
The mortars from Ukrainian Armor

Ukrainian Armor has become a powerful producer of mortars and is working on completely new projects, including air defense systems

The private company Ukrainian Armor, best known for its Varta and Novator armored personnel carriers, has gradually expanded the scope of its manufacturing activities.

Now the company supplies a significantly larger quantity of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and is also engaged in work in quite unexpected directions.

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As reported by Ukrainian Armor CEO Vladyslav Belbas, in an interview with Forbs, the company managed to significantly increase the production of mortars.

Varta armored personnel carrier, Defense Express
Varta armored personnel carrier / Photo credit: Ukrainian Armor

And although the company had the entire range of 60mm, 82mm, and 120mm mortars, according to him, until the beginning of the full-scale invasion, they were produced to order in the hundreds per year. But since February 2022, Ukrainian Armor has already delivered over a thousand mortars.

120mm mortar shells
120mm mortar shells for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, produced by Ukrainian Armor in cooperation with NATO members. August 2023 / Photo credit: Ukrainian Armor press service
The 122 mm artillery from Ukrainian Armor, Defense Express
The 122 mm artillery from Ukrainian Armor / open source

In addition, the main parallel task for 2022 was the relocation of the company and the establishment of a new production site.

At the same time, as for mortar mines, although the company was working on them until 2022, currently, their development has been suspended.

Regarding the main product in the Ukrainian Armor lineup, from which the company entered into supplying the Ukrainian military—the Varta APC, which was originally created on the belarusian MAZ chassis—Vladislav Belbas announced the demonstration of an updated version of the vehicle without belarusian components.

Varta armored personnel carrier, Defense Express
Varta armored personnel carrier

Also, the company announced an interesting project. Ukrainian Armor CEO Vladyslav Belbas announced that the company is participating in the research and development work of air defense systems. What is meant and what role the company plays remains unknown.

However, it is possible to assume that it is precisely about the chassis needed for any air defense system.

Bohdana self-propelled artillery howitzer, Defense Express
2S22 Bohdana has recently received an upgrade: new chassis and a cabin with reinforced armor protection

Moreover, the company develops and supplies three different chassis for the Bohdana self-propelled artillery howitzer.

Recall that, in general, for the Ukrainian wheeled artillery system, chassis from MAN, Tatra, and the domestic KrAZ can be used.

Vladyslav Belbas also noted that overall, at the time of the full-scale Russian invasion, Ukrainian Armor was conducting 12 research and development projects.

Among them are mortar shot with calibers of 30mm and 40mm, as well as the Smereka automated mobile mortar system.

Smereka automated mobile mortar system, Defense Express
Smereka automated mobile mortar system (public image published before 24.02.2022)

Currently, the company's plans include "mastering the production of new armored vehicle models and ammunition, investing in technologies."

The ASCOD infantry fighting vehicle, Defense Express
The ASCOD infantry fighting vehicle / Photo credit: Ukrainian Armor

As well as in the company's plans for this year "a significant increase in implementation volumes to ensure the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the development of the product line."

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