Ukrainian Military Demonstrated the Use of the SBA Novator and Skif for the Swift Elimination of Occupiers

The use of the SBA Novator in battles against russian occupiers, autumn 2023 / video screengrab
The use of the SBA Novator in battles against russian occupiers, autumn 2023 / video screengrab

This example demonstrates the tactical flexibility that this armored vehicle can provide in a confrontation with the enemy

Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers demonstrated how they used the Novator armored vehicle, manufactured by Ukrainian Armor company, and the Skif (also known as the Stugna-P is a Ukrainian anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system - ed.) for the lightning-fast destruction of russian occupant armor.

The transportation of the anti-tank guided missile system (ATGM) took place inside the armored vehicle itself. It is evident that Novator provided sufficiently ergonomic placement for such payload. Because the soldiers were able to deploy, conduct effective shooting, and retreat within 2 minutes.

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Moreover, Novator provides a high level of protection, and enables soldiers to perform important tasks very quickly. The video above demonstrates the level of tactical flexibility that the SBA Novator from Ukrainian Armor company can provide to Ukrainian defenders for the successful destruction of the enemy. And this is far from the only video.

Earlier, photos of this armored vehicle, which ran over an anti-tank mine on one of the 'hot fronts,' appeared in open access. Although the vehicle looks severely damaged from the outside, the armored capsule withstood the blast, remained undamaged, and saved the lives of the soldiers. The armored vehicle was successfully evacuated from the battlefield and this machine will return to military possession after some time.

Novator vehicle damaged by an anti-tank mine, Defense Express
Novator vehicle damaged by an anti-tank mine / Photo credit: Ukrainian Armor

Let us remind you that earlier Defense Express covered the modernized version of Novator presented this year at the MSPO exhibition in Poland. In addition to enhanced protection, the upgraded version expands the modular capability: it supports various payloads, up to air defense systems.

On a reference note, the Novator armored vehicle was created on the basis of a reinforced Ford F-550 chassis. The insides are furnished with mine-resistant seats, they suppress the blast and have been tested according to NATO AEP-55 STANAG 4569 standard.

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