Mass Production of FPV-Drones is Apparently Takes Place in russia, and It's a Bad Sign

russians preparing an FPV drone for a one way sortie / Open source illustrative photo
russians preparing an FPV drone for a one way sortie / Open source illustrative photo

Of course, FPV drones production is not as dangerous as the cruise missile making that they are also trying to ramp up but nonetheless threatening. Fortunately, the countermeasure is already known

Defense industry of the russian federation managed to launch large-scale serial production of first-person view (FPV) drones, or simply camera drones. The recent information from russian sources says a big batch has been delivered to the units deployed to southern Ukraine.

Apparently, there will be more from now onward, estimates Serhii Flash, a communication, SIGINT, and EW specialist from Ukraine.

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Russian soldiers standing in front of a new batch of camera copter drones
Russian soldiers standing in front of a new batch of camera copter drones / Open source screenshot

Although here we should be skeptical about the words spread by the russians, especially in regard to their technology making capabilities, this time the problem is serious and requires consideration. All the more reason to be concerned if the russians will be able to produce thousands of FPV drones to supply to the army and deliver to the Ukrainian frontlines specifically.

A russian FPV drone with a MON-50 directional mine
A russian FPV drone with a MON-50 directional mine / Open source photo

On the part of Defense Express, we have already analyzed how the russian side uses FPV drones in warfare against the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and does it quite actively. The russians generally started showing greater interest in this field and developing enhancements for their UAVs, including their resistance to electronic warfare interference.

The Ukrainians are employing FPV drones on the battlefield no less effectively, in fact, it is the Ukrainian experience that prompted russians to make a move on their part. Ukrainian drone operators learned to hit russian armored transport vehicles, tanks, multiple launch rocket systems, heavy flamethrower systems and even anti-drone jammers and air defense systems with simple explosive devices fitted on quadcopters.

One of the key features of an FPV drone is its low-cost-high-value output. One attack drone with a total worth of USD 500 to 1,000 or more usually has enough firepower to take down a russian unit worth hundred or thousand times higher.

Surely, drones are not an all-in-one solution to all sorts of tasks. Earlier Defense Express had Victor Taran, director of the "Kruk" UAV operator training center, explain how FPV drones found their way to the Ukrainian battlefield, how the pilots are trained and what is a drone's real purpose in warfare.

Generally, nowadays an FPV drone is one of the means to hit the enemy. It is quite effective and causes much trouble for the opposing side. If russians manage to deploy mass production and start delivering them to the troops fighting in Ukraine, it will inevitably cause problems for the Ukrainian army.

A Ukrainian FPV drone operator
Operating an FPV drone is a difficult task but such an aerial vehicle is easier to get yet not as painful to lose as an artillery system, for example. But the effect provided by both is comparable / Illustrative photo credit: ArmyInform

Serhii Flash in his post on social media called for countermeasures to prevent it from happening, in two ways. First is to launch a large-scale manufacture of FPV drones of their own in Ukraine, supported by the country's government.

Second is to deploy various anti-drone means like the "anti-Lancet wire mesh" that proved effective against russian kamikaze drones. But most importantly, start mass-producing so-called "trench EW" systems, they will be the best way to keep russian drones off Ukrainian positions on the very frontline.

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