Ukraine's Military Captured Rtut-BM EW System - Another Rare Trophy of russia's Electronic Warfare

 Russian  Rtut-BM EW system
Russian Rtut-BM EW system

Russian Rtut-BM EW system was captured by fighters of the Ukrainian resistance movement

As Defense Express reports, Russia has only a couple dozens of such a systems.

Ukrainian defenders regularly capture different trophies, including numerous tanks, IFV's and artillery systems. The number of trophies is enough to equip a couple of AFU brigades, therefore these items aren't novelty anymore.

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At the same time, on occasions Ukrainian defenders capture unique equipment, which the Russian Federation has limited quantities of, such as Rtut-BM electronic warfare system.

This system is designed to jam the signals coming from the radio proximity fuze of a projectile and can also interfere with very high frequency electromagnetic waves.

It is worth noting that the first experimental lot of 10 Rtut-BM vehicles was delivered to the Russian military in 2014. Afterwards, the Russian military command has placed an order for the manufacture of 20 more vehicles. Therefore, the overall number of Rtut-BM EW systems delivered to the Russian military is most likely around a couple dozen.

Russian Rtut-BM electronic warfare system, Defense Express
Russian Rtut-BM electronic warfare system

As a reminder, the Rtut-BM tracked EW system is designated to protect manpower and military hardware, as well as the areas of troop’s amassment, mobile and stationary command centers against missiles, shells, mortar projectiles and guided high-explosive munitions equipped with radio fuses on an area of 50 hectares.

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