Stugna-P ATGM Destroys 4 Tanks in a 3-Minute Video

Screenshots of Stugna-P strikes
Screenshots of Stugna-P strikes

Throughout the war Ukraine-manufactured Stugna-P ATGM shows its total superiority destroying occupiers in the war against russia

The Stugna-P anti-tank missile system manufactured by Luch Design Bureau is truly the highlight of Ukraine, that has already annihilated hundreds of enemy armored vehicles.

This time the Ukrainian ATGM showed its total efficiency along with professionalism and endurance of Ukrainian fighters nearby Izyum.

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In the video provided by the export type of Stugna-P, which wasn’t sent to a foreign customer and handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine on February 24, four missiles were fired in three minutes, destroying four enemy armored vehicles.

Absolutely 100% of the unit efficiency is due to coordinated and methodical work, when the operator gives clear and consistent commands and other servicemen carry them out. All the abovementioned factors allowed to simply burn the enemy out.

It’s worth mentioning, that all launches were excessive, when the missile is initially sent much higher than the target. This is done not to hit the ground due to peculiar “drawdown” of the missile, when it is just accelerating and not gaining the required speed.

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