Ossetian Units to Use T-62 Against Ukraine

Video screenshot
Video screenshot

The russian army command gave out T-62 to the Ossetian battalion "Alania"

Thanks to the attempt of the russians to show off, we know more about the crew members of the rare T-62s. These vehicles, which were taken out of storage and most likely were planned to be sent to Syria from the occupied Crimea, now being given to the so-called Ossetian battalion "Alania".

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It was the Ossetians who posted a rather detailed video in which russian mercenaries boasted of tanks that were produced from 1961 to 1975.

Interestingly, the appearance of these machines in this unit was commented on by the so-called head of the Republic of North Ossetia Sergei Menyailo. "Nobody believed it, but we did it! The Alania Battalion now has a tank unit. We will fight now!" - wrote the so-called head of North Ossetia.

Defense Express reminds that earlier a video footage of T-62 tanks appeared which was recorded near the village of Vrubivka near Severodonetsk, some of which were even equipped with barbecue cages.

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