Dutch YPR-765 IFV Actively Used in Ukraine (Video)

Photo for illustration / Dutch YPR-765 IFV in Ukraine
Photo for illustration / Dutch YPR-765 IFV in Ukraine

In social network appeared new video with Dutch donated YPR-765 infantry fighting vehicles

As Defense Express has informed, on April 19, 2022, the Dutch Prime Minister announced via his Twitter account, that the Netherlands will send heavy combat equipment to Ukraine including armored vehicles, after a phone call with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy.

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The Dutch government never specified the type of armored vehicles that were going to supply Ukraine, but now we can confirm that the armored vehicles donated to Ukraine are YPR-765, a Dutch version of the American-made M113 tracked APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) vehicle.

According to military open source information, the Army of Netherlands will have a stock of up to 500 tracked armored YPR-765 in APC and IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) that they have been retired from active service since 2012.

The YPR-765 is tracked armored vehicle that was developed by the American company FMC corporation under the prototype name of XM765.The vehicle was based on the M113A1, upgraded with an enclosed turret and firing ports so that the infantry could fight from within the vehicle. The Netherlands government placed an order for 880 of the vehicles in 1975, which were designated YPR-765 when they entered service.

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