A Few T-72s And 15 russians Get Killed By Ukraine’s Civil Drones While Watching A Film, Security Service Intercepted A Call

The screenshot from the video
The screenshot from the video

Ukraine’s armed drones continue to shoot armored vehicles of the russian army

The Security Service of Ukraine shared a video of military counter-intelligence using attack drones to destroy T-72 tanks of the russian occupation army.

"Our work on improving the statistics of losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine is still in full swing. These days, three more T-72s were destroyed," the report says.

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The counter-reconnaissance servicemen did not leave a chance even for camouflaged tanks conducting well-aimed strikes.

During one of the assaults on russia’s T-72, one of the occupiers decided to hide under the tank, but it is not known whether this decision helped him.

It is not the first time when Ukraine’s counter-intelligence annihilates Russian T-72s by means of a drone. Previously 15 invaders were destroyed together with a tank. And later, the Security Service of Ukraine managed to intercept the conversation of an eyewitness to this event.

According to the occupier, it was a real "circus". At two o'clock in the morning, 15 occupiers decided to watch a movie on the tank: "In short, they dropped a damn mine with a drone into the turret! With a drone, this piece of sh*t! They just flew closer, dropped a bomb and it blew up."

He says that after that he had to literally "collect the bones" of his "colleagues". In general, the occupier notes that the situation at the front is not in their favor: "We’re having our *sses kicked."

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