​US Has Come As Close As Possible to the Transfer of ATACMS to Ukraine – Number of Insides From Washington is Increasing

ATACMS missile launch / Open source photo
ATACMS missile launch / Open source photo

Although an official decision has not yet been made, two authoritative American media immediately reported on Washington's readiness to hand over ATACMS to Ukraine

Already the second authoritative American publication reports that Washington is really ready to transfer ATACMS ballistic missiles to Ukraine.

First, on Saturday, September 9, ABC News reported about it, and later the Financial Times reported on it. According to insider information from high-ranking US officials, these missiles may be included in the next aid package for Ukraine. But the message is supplemented by the clarification that the decision itself should be made by the President of the United States, Joseph Biden.

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That is why the situation is described by the phrases "a decision can be made in the near future" and "ATACMS are approaching". But really, the White House does not have many explanations left as to why the USA does not transfer these missiles to Ukraine, although the possibility of transferring ATACMS has been discussed since the summer of last year.

On the part of Defense Express, we note that the politicization of the transfer of these missiles has long gone beyond all possible limits, and it will hardly be possible to make this decision easily. Because for more than a year, Washington has been saying that they will not, cannot, do not consider it necessary to transfer ATACMS and have justified it for so long that after that, "clicking your fingers" and giving the "green light" does not look very logical and consistent.

Despite this, it remains to be hoped that in the end Washington will make a single correct decision and transfer ATACMS without further delays and delays. I would also like the USA not to limit itself to the transfer of this type of long-range weapons, but also to pay attention to the possibility of integrating JASSM missiles under the wing of Ukrainian aircraft.

Defense Express reported, that ATACMS is an Air Defense Weapon For Ukraine. We also wrote, that In Germany, They Say That They are Ready to Give Ukraine Taurus Missiles Only When the US Gives ATACMS.

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