​Why the Transfer of ATACMS to Ukraine Does Not Pose Any Threat to NATO Explained

Launch of an ATACMS short-range tactical ballistic missile / Photo credit: DVIDS, US Army
Launch of an ATACMS short-range tactical ballistic missile / Photo credit: DVIDS, US Army

Some important "signals" have started to appear in the USA regarding Ukraine's receipt of ATACMS

Anticipating the allocation of a new package of military aid by the United States, defense profile editions began to argue the need to provide Ukraine with ATACMS ballistic missiles.

Despite the talks going on since this spring, up to date everything was up to Washington who believed the transfer of these missiles with a firing range of up to 300 km could provoke the russian federation and the Third World War would begin.

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M57A1 ATACMS is fired from HIMARS
M57A1 ATACMS is fired from HIMARS / Photo credit: US Army

But the famous Defense News magazine explained in detail why the transfer of ATACMS does not pose any threat to the United States and the world.

First, the transfer of all other weapons has not provoked the Kremlin to any real reactions so far. Moscow was even compared to a dog that features "lots of bark but little bite" and does not pose any threat. And despite the fact that the Russian Federation actively brandishes its weapons against NATO, it no longer can actually scare someone in the Alliance with it.

"Despite Russian saber-rattling, Moscow has refrained from attacking any NATO member — even as Western support helped Ukraine defeat Russia’s assault on Kyiv and stymie Moscow’s subsequent efforts in eastern Ukraine," Defense News noted.

Secondly, Putin no longer wants to engage in a direct conflict with the USA, which is precisely what the russian federation risks if it attacks any NATO member. Especially taking into account the fact that a significant part of the russian army not only got stuck in Ukraine, but also lost a significant part of its combat potential.

Simultaneous launch of multiple missiles from M142 HIMARS
Simultaneous launch of multiple missiles from M142 HIMARS / Open source photo

Thirdly, if we take into account Ukraine's agreement with the US not to use Western weapons for strikes on the territory of the russian federation, then the Armed Forces of Ukraine fully comply with it. And it is unlikely that after receiving ATACMS, the agreement will be broken.

"Moreover, it is important to note that on some parts of the battlefield, Ukrainian forces can already range Russian territory using GMLRS as well as fixed-wing aircraft that are maintained with Western support. Yet, Kyiv has respected U.S. requests not to use long-range, American-provided weapons to strike targets inside Russia itself," stressed the author.

On the part of Defense Express, we note that, of course, there remains the risk of the russian federation using weapons of mass destruction, which russia threatens with now and then. Namely, we are talking about chemical weapons and tactical nuclear weapons and even the nuclear terrorism that manifests in how russians turned the captured Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant into their military base and are regularly shelling it.

But any act of terrorism at the ZNPP has already been announced as a reason for NATO to apply the Article 5, because it directly threatens the member countries of the Alliance. Also, regular explosions in Crimea and in the Belgorod area did not provoke the russian federation in any way, either. At the same time, any use of weapons of mass destruction by russia will lead to much more decisive actions on the part of the West, therefore, although such a scenario cannot be ruled out completely, it is still unlikely.

In the meantime, Ukraine's acquisition of ATACMS, even with restrictions on its use against russian territories within the internationally recognized borders, will allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to deal with russian forces much better, and will significantly reduce any threat from Moscow to NATO and the whole world.

ATACMS launched from an M270 launcher
ATACMS launched from an M270 launcher / Photo credit: DVIDS

From the Ukrainian perspective, we should point out that the publication of such material in profile influential editions in the United States is directed, first of all, to American officials. And the additional public argumentation in favor of the supply of ATACMS to Ukraine is a rather important "marker".

Of course, this does not mean that "tomorrow" the Armed Forces will have these weapons at their disposal. But the ATACMS "breakthrough" process continues and now has a much better chance of being successful than it was this spring or even at the beginning of the summer.

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