Ukrainian Warriors Destroy One of the Most Expensive russian Forpost UAVs Over the Black Sea

russian Forpost attack and reconnaissance UAV
russian Forpost attack and reconnaissance UAV

Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners shot down a russian Forpost attack and reconnaissance drone in the Black Sea waters

This was reported by the Air Command South on Facebook.

"Over the day, on April 01, 2024, the soldiers of the Odesa anti-aircraft missile brigade destroyed a russian Forpost attack and reconnaissance UAV in the Black Sea waters," the statement said.

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Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Illia Yevlash commented on the destruction of a russian Forpost drone.

"It shares some similarities with the Bayraktar drone, being relatively large, capable of conducting reconnaissance, and able to carry an additional payload of two missiles or other weapons for engaging ground targets," Yevlash said.

This drone is capable of providing reconnaissance at the altitude of up to 5 km for 16 hours straight and within a range of 400 km from the operator. It has a wingspan of 8.5 m and a max takeoff weight of 500 kg. Its cost is approximately $7 million.

russian Forpost UAV is a derivative from IAI Searcher drone. On this photo, a Forpost is depicted on an International Arms Exhibition in russia, 2011 / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
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