Ukrainian Troops Captured russian 'Silok-01' EW Station (Photo)

Captured russian Silok-01 EW system / Photo credit: 128th Mountain Assault Brigade
Captured russian Silok-01 EW system / Photo credit: 128th Mountain Assault Brigade

Another russian "one-of-a-kind" russian development found itself in the hands of Ukrainian defenders

Press center of the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade reports another interesting piece of russian equipment seized by Ukrainian forces. This time, it’s the "Silok-01" jamming system used for countering UAVs.

The deployment of these systems to Ukraine was initially reported this April, the idea was to supplement the EW systems assigned to the occupation army units with additional new systems with little to no real combat use background.

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The "Silok-01" was first deployed in summer 2018, according to Deagel, and later used in Syria but there is little data on it. Presentation materials claim the EW complex can automatically detect unmanned aerial systems and jam control, telemetry and communication channels. The range of jamming is 3 to 4 km which is not that wide for a modern system.

This is how the Silok looks like in erected stance / Open source illustrative photo

Militarnyi web portal also adds that the Silok-01 is designed to to ensure the protection of control points against unauthorized entry of radio-controlled aircraft into the EW system’s cover zone.

Ukrainian military who captured this unit sarcastically noted that the Silok "turned out to be effective only on russian testing grounds".

And there is a reason for the claim. Jammers of russian manufacture had been destroyed and captured off guard before, even the ones meant to counter drones were destroyed by ones instead.

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