Ukrainian Military Strikes Command Post and High-Ranking russian Officers in Occupied Crimea

Open source illustrative photo
Open source illustrative photo

On the afternoon of April 15th, in the temporarily occupied Crimea, a missile attack by the Ukrainian forces struck the command post housing high-ranking russian officers

This was reported to Suspilne by sources in the special services.

It is noted that the air alarm in the occupied Crimea lasted for nearly two hours. During the explosions in Sevastopol Bay, occupying forces utilized a smoke screen.

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Afterward, an air raid siren sounded in Sevastopol. According to the Telegram channel Crimean Wind, russian aircraft were also observed taking off during the air raid alert.

The partisan group Atesh reported hearing the sounds of russian air defense operations and claimed that the military base of the 810th separate brigade of the russian marines in Sevastopol had been targeted.

"The 810 brigade is all undercover. Minus the second floor," the message reads.

The occupying authority did not comment on this information.

In recent months, Ukraine has intensified its attacks on occupied Crimea. On March 24, 2024, the Defense Forces of Ukraine launched a missile attack on infrastructure of russian Black Sea Fleet in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol.

Earlier, Defense Express reported that destruction of russian Novocherkassk ship had blocked one of the logistic channels to Crimea.

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