​Ukraine Downs 6th Su-34 Fighter-Bomber in February, Air Force Commander Urges russian Pilots to Prepare for Potential Casualties

Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber / open source
Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber / open source

The latest Su-34 aircraft downing brings the total to six for February, alongside other russian losses

The Ukrainian Air Defense Forces successfully shot down another russian Su-34 fighter-bomber, as confirmed by Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, the Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force.

Mykola Oleshchuk stated on his Telegram channel, “Another Su-34 fighter-bomber is down in the eastern direction! Yesterday, russian pilots managed to evade our missiles, but it won’t always be like that! Therefore, I advise the occupiers to say goodbye to their loved ones before each sortie just in case. Because who knows if they will be lucky this time.”

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Official data from the Air Force reveals that this marks the sixth Su-34 downing in February alone. Additionally, within this month, one Su-35 fighter, one Su-35S fighter and one A-50U airborne early warning and control aircraft have been successfully neutralized.

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