Ukrainian Forces Shoot Down a russian A-50 Aircraft Over the Krasnodar Krai

A-50 aircraft
A-50 aircraft

This is the second A-50 aircraft lost by the russians since the beginning of the year. Last month, the Ukrainian military shot down a similar aircraft over the Sea of​ Azov

On the evening of Friday, February 23, Ukrainian forces shot down a russian A-50 aircraft over the Krasnodar Krai. It began to lose altitude near the city of Yeysk.

The destruction of the russian A-50 was confirmed by the Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, Commander of Ukraine's Air Force.

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"The A-50 with the call sign Bayan has reached its destination! Thanks to the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine and everyone who contributed to the result!" stated in the message.

The video of the aircraft being shot down captures how it releases flares and, possibly, radar decoys. One of these decoys lures one of the missiles, while the other destroys the aircraft. Thus, the A-50 crew was aware that missiles were approaching them, and the downing of the aircraft meant the elimination of not only five pilots but also 10-11 radar operators.

Such a situation looks strange overall, as the location of the downing of the russian aircraft was over 170 km from the front line. And even the so-called "wandering Patriot," based on its known specifications, couldn't reach it. Because the known range of GEM-T is up to 160 km.

Defense Express
video screengrab

The A-50 aircraft is a long-range radar detection and control aircraft capable of reconnaissance and targeting for strikes. russia only possesses nine of these planes.

Defense Express reported early that on January 14, the Ukrainian military successfully shot down a russian A-50 aircraft over the Azov Sea. An Il-22 airborne control center was also reportedly destroyed.

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