'Strike' in a Bowling Club in Crimea from the Ukrainian Armed Forces: What Defense Minister Reznikov was Hinting About

Open source illustrative photo
Open source illustrative photo

The "strike" in Crimea could have been carried out against another military airfield of russian Aerospace Forces

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov made a rather strange post on Twitter: "According to the insider information, a fire from cigarette butts on the territory of Crimea occurred near a bowling club. Lucky strike!"

Such a message on the edge of conspiracy allows for many assumptions, given that officially, the explosions at the russian airbase "Saky", as well as the detonation of the ammunition depot in Dzhankoi and the unconfirmed attack on the airbase "Hvardiiske" were caused by "cigarette butts".

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If we take this statement literally, then the only known military object of the russian federation in the occupied Crimea, which is located next to a bowling club, is the headquarters of the 38th Fighter Aviation Regiment of russia’s Aerospace Forces (military unit 80159) on the northern outskirts of Sevastopol.

The location of the bowling club (according to Yandex) and known military facilities of the russian federation in the occupied Crimea
The location of the bowling club (according to Yandex) and known military facilities of the russian federation in the occupied Crimea / Image credit: Yandex Maps

The distance between these objects is only about one kilometer. But, if we go further, then we’ll notice the entire "Belbek" air base to the north from there, which accommodates this aerospace regiment.

By the way, this very airfield, as Defense Express suggested, was one of the reasonable targets for the Ukrainian Armed Forces to strike, as one of russia's rear military infrastructure facilities on the occupied peninsula.

"Belbek" Air Base, satellite image taken by Maxar in August 2022 / Image credit: Maxar Technologies

But currently, there is no other confirmation of this theory – any photos and videos of explosions from the scene. At the same time, Sevastopol's local Telegram channels spread a message that an unspecified event had taken place somewhere near Nakhimov Academy, with a large number of policemen and "people in civilian clothes" seen in the area.

The location of the Nakhimov Academy / Image credit: Google Maps

However, there are no bowling clubs near this object. So sometimes the wordplay may be simply a wordplay – in which case referring to the "Lucky Strike" brand of cigarettes.

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