russia Aims to Protect its Oil Refineries, Plans to Expand "Miracle-EW" Systems to Counter "All Drones" from Ukraine

russia Aims to Protect its Oil Refineries, Plans to Expand "Miracle-EW" Systems to Counter "All Drones" from Ukraine

The enemy claims to already have an electronic warfare systems that can defend "against all drones," and now the question is about scaling up the development

After a series of successful attacks by Ukraine's long-range strike drones on russian oil refineries, enemy propaganda media conceded their incapacity to defend all these facilities with air defense systems. And now they are seeking new ways to protect this critical infrastructure.

critical infrastructure, Defense Express

In particular, as stated by the first deputy chairman of Rostec, Vladimir Artyakov, they aim to protect their oil refineries from drone attacks using electronic warfare systems.

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The enemy claims to have a system in their arsenal that supposedly can handle such a task, but "it just wasn't mass-produced before."

Artyakov asserts that these systems are purportedly capable of effectively countering "virtually all types of drones and manned aircraft." They are currently engaged in "actively safeguarding infrastructure objects within the territory of the russian federation."

This system supposedly has already been deployed, although there are no details available about this enemy weapon yet.

Of course, one can recall how the russians claimed last year that they tested the upgraded Serp-VS5 electronic warfare systems at one of the energy infrastructure facilities (developed by the Research Institute Vector), but it is quite possible that they are referring to a different solution.

Serp-VS5 system, Defense Express
Serp-VS5 system

And on one hand, of course, the "electronic warfare system that counters all drones" sounds like another "miracle weapon."

But on the other hand, the fact that the enemy is working in this direction and plans to defend against drone attacks using EW means should be taken into account in the context of further development of Ukrainian UAVs.

Previously, Defense Express analyzed how much time it would take for russia to cover the refineries with air defense systems and whether Pantsir systems would be sufficient.

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