Operational-tactical Group "East" Repelled Nine Attacks During the Day, the Battles Are Continuing

Ukraine's BM-27 Uragan at work / Photo credit: Army Inform
Ukraine's BM-27 Uragan at work / Photo credit: Army Inform

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have eliminated 80 invaders, destroys three tanks in eastern Ukraine

The Operational and Tactical Group East reported this on Facebook.

“During the day, May 14, in the area of responsibility of the operational and tactical group "East", Russian fascist troops carried out 9 attacks, fighting continues,” the statement said.

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According to the Operational-tactical group "East" report Ukrainian defenders eliminated:

  • up to 80 troops;
  • 3 tanks;
  • 2 infantry fighting vehicles;
  • 1 artillery units;
  • 4 mortars;
  • 3 trucks;
  • 3 UAV.

As Defense Express reported, between February 24, 2022 and May 14, 2022, about 27200 agressor's troops eliminated, 774 air targets (excluding cruise missiles) of invaders were shot down thousands of tanks, armored vehicles and tracks were destroyed by defenders of Ukraine.

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Day 80th of War Between Ukraine and Russian Federation, Defense Express, war in Ukraine, Russian-Ukrainian war
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