National Guard of Ukraine (NGU) Mastering the Use of Domestically-Produced Sniper Rifle, the UAR-10

Ukrainian National Guard’s Combat Training Center for Special Missions, located outside Kyiv, has provided a training course for new sniper professionals
 National Guard of Ukraine (NGU) Mastering the Use of Domestically-Produced Sniper Rifle, the UAR-10

The course focused on learning how to handle the domestically-produced, semi-auto sniper rifle UAR-10 and included shooting on practice targets

During this specialized basic training course, NGU trainees received theoretical knowledge instruction in sniping and tactics, as well as engineering and psychological aspects; and improved their practical skills in firing on different targets and in weapon/fire control.

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Sniping instructors from NGU’s other special forces units were recruited to help with the course conduct. They shared experience among themselves and agreed on a common approach to training special missions personnel.

Ukraine National Guard, Ukraine defense industry, sniper rifle UAR-10

Members of Operation UNIFIER, the Canadian Armed Forces mission to support the Security Forces of Ukraine, participated as observers, getting knowledge about NGU’s sniper training and assessment system and providing advisory assistance.

Upon completion of the course, trainees were awarded diplomas and certificates of graduation from specialized sniper training course (UAR-10).

Ukraine defense industry, UAR-10 sniper rifle

UAR-10 – a semi-auto sniper rifle chambered for 7.62х51 NATO round – is offered by the Ukrainian company UKROP / Photo Courtesy of NGU

UAR-10 is a semi-auto sniper rifle offered by the Ukrainian company UKROP. Chambered for 7.62х51 NATO round, it boasts very fine precision (less than 30-mm spread at 100 m). UAR-10 has been accepted as standard issue for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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