Ukrainian Army adopts new anti-materiel sniper rifles

Ukrainian Army adopts new anti-materiel sniper rifles

Just a few hours before New Year, Ukrainian gun maker XADO Chemical Group has announced that the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has adopted its new 14.5mm anti-materiel sniper rifles.

The XADO announced on its Facebook account that it’s Snipex T-REX 14.5 and Snipex ALLIGATOR rifles have successfully passed all state trials and evaluation.

“According to the state examinations results, 14.5×114 mm caliber Snipex rifles have been adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine! We congratulate everyone involved and thank the Army for their assistance,” the message added.

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The new family of heavy sniper rifles is a weapon that fires 14.5×114mm ammunition out to a maximum effective range of 2000 meters.

As noted by the company, SNIPEX T-Rex and ALLIGATOR sniper rifles designed to engage and defeat materiel targets at extended ranges.

T-Rex sniper rifle is a bullpup design rifle which the bolt carrier group that located behind the trigger. 13 bolt lugs are disposed in three rows and ensure rigid locking of the barrel. During loading, the cartridge is inserted into the breech opening with the bolt open.

The rifle demonstrates an acceptable level of recoil during shooting. Recoil is suppressed due to the four- or five-chamber muzzle brake, the effect of a recoil isolator, short recoil, and optimally balanced weight.

ALLIGATOR is a magazine-fed bolt-action rifle. Designed taking into account all the requirements for weapons for high-precision shooting.

The rifle has a height-adjustable cheek rest, which can be easily reinstalled on the right or left side relative to the axis of the rifle.

The rifle has a carrying handle. To carry the rifle with a silencer mounted, the position of the handle can be changed.

The next-generation rifles complete missions that cannot be accomplished with current sniper rifles.

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