DKKB Luch’s Precision Attack Missile RK-10 Ready to Begin Firing Tests this Summer

New, precision guided missile RK-10 from DKKB Luch
New, precision guided missile RK-10 from DKKB Luch

RK-10 is intended to be used against targets on the ground, at sea or in the air

DKKB Luch, a state-owned defense contractor, will begin test firing its new, precision-guided missile, the RK-10, this summer, a company official told Defense Express in an interview.

The new missile is specific in that it can be launched from ground, surface or air platforms and engage and defeat targets on the ground, at sea or in the air, at ranges up to 10 km.

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The RK-10 missile is unified for launches from the ground, sea or air

“We are getting the missile ready for firing tests some time this summer. It is designed to be launched from short-range air defense missile weapons, to ranges up to 10 km. Depending on the mission scenario, the RK-10 is able to hit targets on the ground. The missile is also suitable to be launched from traversable mounts on sea borne platforms, and it is unified for firing at targets on the ground too. This gives us a whole range of benefits,” Oleh Korostelev, the company CEO/Chief of Design has said.

DE memo: the RK-10 missile has been developed under a project, tentatively named “Strila/Arrow-10 Luch”, which is aimed to replace the aging air defense missile system Strila-10 that is decreasing in numbers due to the shortage of usable missiles. This new, short-range system has the capabilities that include the destruction of aerial targets out to ≤ 10 km in range and ≤3.5 km in altitude. By way of comparison, Strila-10 is capable of 5 km and 3.5 km, respectively.

The RK-10 is designed to beef up air defense capabilities of combat helicopters and can be configured for launch from ground platforms.

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