Bundeswehr Ordered Big Batch of Panzerfaust 3 Rocket-propelled Grenade: Bacame Known a Reason

Photo for illustration / Panzerfaust 3-IT DM72A1
Photo for illustration / Panzerfaust 3-IT DM72A1

Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) recently received an order from the German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw)

According to the Army Recognition, on July 19, DND announced it had received an order from the BAAINBw for the production and delivery of 3,500 Panzerfaust 3-IT DM72A1. Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) appreciates this evidence that the German Armed Forces continue to rely on the combat-proven Panzerfaust 3 as part of their individual anti-tank defence concept.

It is no secret that Ukraine got various anti-tank and anti-armor weapon systems that have helped them fend off Russian tanks. The more well-known are the Javelins the US donated and the NLAWs that the British Government also gave the Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, there’s another anti-tank weapon that has not been getting the recognition it deserves, and that is the German-made tank killer, the Panzerfaust 3.

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Last February 3, the Netherlands, with Germany’s approval, donated some 400 Panzerfaust 3 rocket-propelled grenade launchers to Ukraine in an attempt to aid the Ukrainian defensive efforts.

On July 13, the German government has published an updated list of weapons that are being prepared for transfer to Ukraine. According to it Ukraine will received 900 Panzerfaust 3 anti-tank grenade launchers and 3,000 ammunition for them

It is not excluded that Bundeswehr is ordering new batch of Panzerfaust 3 Rocket-propelled Grenade for replenish its own reserves after transfer some part of them to Ukraine.

The Bundeswehr and other national armed forces use the standard Panzerfaust 3 for anti-tank purposes, manufactured by Dynamit Nobel in Germany since 1992. It is fired from the shoulder against stationary targets up to 400 meters away and moving targets up to 300 meters away. It can penetrate up to 300 mm of armor steel and, as a bunker buster with other ammunition, up to 240 mm of reinforced concrete.

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