​Border Guards Found a Hard Drive with Gigabytes of russian Military Data

Screenshot credit: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine
Screenshot credit: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

The acquired information will help to identify servicemen who had committed war crimes in Ukraine

Ukrainian border guards have found a hard drive containing more than 100 GB of personal data about the troops of a russian air defense unit participating in the invasion of Ukraine. It was reported by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

The featured soldiers come from a unit from the Moscow region. There is plenty of information on the disk: the staff list with biographies of the Russian military, technical documentation of weapons and military equipment.

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There is also military drills records, papers on combat readiness, maps and other classified documentation. Some of the documents bore "top-secret" classification.

The border guard service noted that the personal data of russian occupiers could help to identify the war criminals who had committed crimes during russia's military invasion of Ukraine and posted some of the footage found on the disk:

The air defense systems shown in the video are the 9K33 "Osa" or their variation "Osa-AKM" which has been previously spotted used by russians in Ukraine, according to Newsweek. By the way, Ukraine also uses these Soviet-era air defense systems quite efficiently. We have covered its characteristics compared to British Stormer HVM which is expected to arrive soon.

Screenshot credit: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine
The Ukrainian service did not specify how the hard drive got into their hands. The only detail they mentioned was that it was found in the northern Chernihiv region. This is one of the regions left by russian occupiers during their withdrawal in late March – April.
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