AT FED Wins its Third Aircraft Systems Contract from Turkey so far this Year, Worth Combined over $20M

AT FED, Kharkiv, has signed its third contract from Turkish customers so far this year, presumably for design/development and production of components for Turkey’s future-in- service ATAK-II helicopter gunship
Turkey’s forthcoming helicopter gunship T929 ATAK-II seen on display at IDEF-2021 Defense Industry Fair
Turkey’s forthcoming helicopter gunship T929 ATAK-II seen on display at IDEF-2021 Defense Industry Fair

The third contract was signed in the margins of the IDEF-2021 International Defense Industry Fair

“Design/development and deliveries should be completed within a one-year timeframe. Here there is talk about helicopter flight control system components and hydraulic systems,” Chairman of the Board for AT FED and Chairman of the Ukrainian Aircraft Industries (aka Ukraviaprom) association, Viktor Popov has said.

It’s the third contract award the company has won from Turkish partners so far in 2021, Mr Popov has said.

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A mockup of Turkey’s projected 5-Gen TF-X fighter seen displayed at IDEF-2021 expo

“The first two contracts are dealing with helicopters. Further, we partner in the TF-X (Turkish Fighter Experimental) program that deals with the 5-Gen fighter aircraft. This is likewise a huge amount of work to be done within a very tight timeframe. Importantly, this encompasses both design/development and deliveries, meaning we are going to provide a full workload for our engineers, technicians and production staff, he said.

Turkey’s projected 5-Gen TF-X fighter mockup seen displayed at IDEF-2021 expo

‘Those three contracts have a combined value exceeding $20 million,” AT FED CEO has said.

Ukrainian Motor-Sich ТV3-117VMA-SBM1V engine seen displayed alongside Turkey’s projected 5-Gen TF-X fighter at IDEF-2021

Mr Popov said he finds that the IDEF-2021 exhibition had been productive for Ukrainian aircraft industry exhibitors.

“The industry’s major companies have signed good contracts,” he said.

Specifications for Motor-Sich 1st Series ТV3-117VMA-SBM1V engine. Photo from IDEF-2021

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) had earlier requested Ukraine to “make a reducing gear and everything else needed for the helicopter, excepting the fuselage,” for use in its projected combat helicopter ATAK-II, as reported by Vyacheslav Bohuslaev, Motor-Sich CEO.

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) announced via Twitter on this June 29 that it had contracted Ukraine’s Motor-Sich to build and supply 14 turboshaft engines / Image taken from TAI’s Twitter page

Motor-Sich, in June, signed a deal with Turkish Airspace Industries to supply 14 turboshaft engines for use in heavy-lift helicopters

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