Arms & Security 2021 Expo: Loitering Munition Launcher from KB Robotics

Rendering image of innovative combat unmanned systems being developed by KB Robotics
Rendering image of innovative combat unmanned systems being developed by KB Robotics

At the Arms & Security 2021 Expo held in Kyiv from June 15 through 18, the Design & Development Company KB Robotics unveiled its new projected multi-canister launcher for lethal loitering munition systems

The Launcher is tailored for the Robotics’ loitering munition system LUACC. Launched from a cassette pneumatic launch system, this artificially intelligent kamikaze drone, itself weighing 6 kg, can carry a 2 kg warhead payload. It is able to develop up to 130 km/h and can cruise at 70 km/h with an endurance of approx 40 min and within a 50 km radius from the launch point. .

Rendering images of KB Robotics’ ongoing development projects – a new loitering munition dispenser and RSVK-M Myslyvets/Hunter combat UGV

The LUACC is designed to offer frontline forces a highly autonomous capability to locate, track and accurately eliminate tanks and armored vehicle targets while operating in challenging battlefield conditions, including GPS denied environments and communication jamming. It would be able to autonomously navigate the battlefield in search of its designated target area and to independently locate, recognize, identify and accurately attack a great variety of targets.

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Designed with high immunity to electronic warfare attacks, LUACC will be able to operate in swarms to overwhelm enemy defenses.

Development of launcher technologies for loitering munitions reflects modern trends in weapon development .

Each launcher can carry up to 24 LUACC drones stored in and launched from canisters, and is suitable to be mounted on ground and sea platforms.

KB Robotics revealed to Defense Express that it is currently completing development of design and software solutions for that project so that it’s ready for initial test field launches by late this year.

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