​Ukraine Debunks russian Propaganda on Polish Arms Transfers

Polish 155 mm shells / Photo credit: PGZ S.A.
Polish 155 mm shells / Photo credit: PGZ S.A.

Russian propaganda claims that Poland’s arms transfers are “weakening its forces through helping Ukraine”

The Center for Strategic Communications in Ukraine has refuted recent russian propaganda claims alleging that Poland’s arms transfers to Ukraine are “weakening its defenses”. These claims, the Center asserts, are demonstrably false and constitute a blatant attempt at disinformation.

Russian media outlets have disseminated reports portraying Poland’s assistance to Ukraine as “state betrayal” and leaving Poland vulnerable. Independent journalists, however, have exposed the cited source as a known purveyor of pro-russian propaganda, discrediting its claims.

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In reality, Poland’s transfers involve older equipment being replaced as part of its own military modernization program. This not only fulfills contractual obligations but also bolsters Ukraine’s defensive capabilities.

The Center emphasizes that the propagandists’ hysteria and attempts to undermine Western support for Ukraine are transparent tactics aimed at destabilizing the region and sowing discord. Poland’s unwavering support for Ukraine remains grounded in mutual interests and unwavering commitment to regional security.

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