"HIMARS Academy" Is Planned to Be Built Near Ukraine, Which Is a Logical Step For Everyone

Photo credit: U.S. DoD
Photo credit: U.S. DoD

HIMARS has received a number of buyers in Eastern Europe since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the russian federation into Ukraine

Poland plans to create a "HIMARS academy" in order to conduct training on the use of this missile system: as the Minister of Defense of Poland, Mariusz Blaszczak notes, the details of the project are being discussed today, April 18, during the European Rocket Artillery Summit in the Polish city of Torun.

The opening of such an academy seems a logical step for Poland first of all, which signed an agreement with the US on a large-scale purchase of HIMARS launchers together with GMLRS-ER and ATACMS missiles worth $10 billion. As the Polish Minister of Defense reported, the first HIMARS should arrive at the end of this year.

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Poland plans to purchase 18 ready-made M142 HIMARS, as well as 468 HIMARS Launcher Loader Module kits

Overall, the HIMARS training center in Poland looks logical, considering that after the start of russia’s full-scale invasion into Ukraine, these missile systems were purchased by Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

In addition, Defense Express mentions that Romania, which already has 18 HIMARS units, wants to increase their number to 51 launchers, although had complained about the high price of missiles before.

Also, we should not forget Ukraine either, since the HIMARS manufacturer sjold produce at least 18 more units in addition to the ones already in service.

However, it will take a relatively long time: as previously reported, the delivery of launchers will begin in the fall of 2025, and in general, Lockheed Martin plans to reach the pace of 8 HIMARS missile systems per month in two years.

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