​"Admiral Kuznetsov" Aircraft Carrier and "Admiral Nakhimov" Nuclear-Powered Cruiser of russian Fleet Are Done For – Even Without Ukraine's "Help"

russian ​"Admiral Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier has been under permanent repair for years / Open source illustrative photo
russian ​"Admiral Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier has been under permanent repair for years / Open source illustrative photo

russians managed to form up full crews but could not manage the battleships themselves

Defense industry of the russian federation failed to modernize and put into order the only aircraft carrier of the russian navy, "Admiral Kuznetsov" and the "Admiral Nakhimov" nuclear-powered cruiser.

Therefore, these ships are as good as lost for the russian fleet because the amount of problems concerning their operating condition is much more than assumed previously. This statement comes from the Guildhall media outlet with reference to their sources in intelligence.

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Project 1144
Project 1144 "Admiral Nakhimov" nuclear-capable missile cruiser of the russian navy / Open source archive photo

According to the information obtained by Guildhall, the hull of "Admiral Kuznetsov" from the third deck and below has rusted from outside to the point that the holds began to fill with water and the ship lost the ability to move on its own.

The russians planned to tow the aircraft carrier out of the dry dock to continue repair works, but they postponed the towing for an indefinite term. Otherwise, during such works "Admiral Kuznetsov" may fall over on its side or sink altogether.

One of the many fires on the
One of the many fires on the "Admiral Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier, December 2022 / Open source photo

As for the russian "Admiral Nakhimov" nuclear-capable missile cruiser, the situation is a bit more unique. It turns out that the russia did not manage to restore the safety system of the nuclear power plant on the ship; the protection of the graphite rods in the reactors have completely rusted.

Simply put, there is a risk that the reactors on "Admiral Nakhimov" explode, and instead of a nuclear warship, the russians will get a nuclear catastrophe, a "mini-Chornobyl".

Out of all of the systems on "Admiral Nakhimov", only navigation equipment works properly. This, while the russian propaganda machine was trying to convince that soon the cruiser will get "Kalibr" and "Zircon" missiles and return to service by the end of 2023 at latest.

"Admiral Nakhimov" nuclear-powered cruiser first entered service with the Soviet navy in 1988 / Open source illustrative photo

Interestingly, despite all these issues, both ships got a full crew of marines. According to GuildHall, "Nakhimov" marines are being prepared to take up duty on the cruiser, and "Kuznetsov" staff was expanded by the "wartime standards".

Open data says the entire crew of the "Admiral Nakhimov" cruiser should be around 740 personnel, and the crew of the "Admiral Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier is about 2,000 people. There is a possibility though, that part of these marines would be "reassigned to the ground" and deployed to Ukraine to fight against the Ukrainian army.

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