The russians Arranged a "Defense Ring" With Raptors And the Tor SAM to Take the Vessel With Kalibrs to the Sea

Illustrative photo from open sources
Illustrative photo from open sources

The enemy remembers what has happened in Novorossiysk Naval Base after naval kamikaze drones attack

Yesterday, December 22, 2022, the Black Sea Fleet of the russian federation brought one Project 636.6 submarine into position for a possible strike, which can carry up to four Kalibr sea-based cruise missiles.

The submarine went out to sea from the water area of temporarily occupied Sevastopol. To "cover" it, russians organized a real "ring of defense". The submarine itself was accompanied by the Raptor amphibious assault boat and a Mi-8 helicopter, while at the exit from the harbor there was one Project 22160 patrol corvette with the Tor air defense system on the helipad, as Naval News reports.

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The russians Arranged a
Credits: Naval News

The states that such activity of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the russian federation is somewhat "atypical", because until now russians preferred to keep their vessels "closed" in the harbors. And submarines of the Black Sea Fleet were generally "hiding" in Novorossiysk until recently.

The russians Arranged a
Picture credits: Naval News

First of all, these movements may be connected with the preparation of a new missile attack on Ukraine. But Naval News does not rule out that there could be a different reason, for example: russia’s Black Sea Fleet is preparing to participate in a possible Kremlin aggression against Moldova.

The russians Arranged a
Loading of Kalibr missiles onto russia's submarine in the temporarily occupied Crimea, June 2022 / Credits: Maxar

It’s a very indicatable fact that russians are so much aware of Ukraine’s capabilities to make an attempt and strike the Black Sea fleet with naval drones. Which in turn means that russia is trying to learn from own mistakes.

But on the other hand, Defense Express doesn’t rule out that at some point Ukraine will manage to "catch" and destroy one of the russia’s Kalibr missile carriers.

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