Ukraine’s “Explosive” Ambush in Occupied Kherson Region (Videos)

Video screenshot / Credits: Special Operations Forces' Command
Video screenshot / Credits: Special Operations Forces' Command

KamAZ Typhoon MRAP was destroyed thanks to remote blast performed by Ukraine’s servicemen

Ukrainian Special Operations Forces have destroyed a russian KamAZ Typhoon MRAP vehicle with personnel in the Kherson region. SOF operators have infiltrated russian rear and planted a remote control mine on a common route of russian military equipment, reports the Special Operations Forces' Command. When a vehicle approached, the explosive was triggered.

“The Kamaz Typhoon MRAP, stuffed with enemy personnel, has instantly burnt down with its contents. Here is another example of a successful ambush carried out by the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces,” reads the report from SOF Command.

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Defense Express notes that the tactics of such ambushes are not the first to be used by SSO fighters. For example, at the end of March, the fighters showed the result of the enemy column destruction by a similar remote detonation.

Or, in mid-April skillful we could observe successful bridge destruction in the direction of Izyum, along with enemy equipment.

In general, such ambushes are of great importance for disrupting the security of the enemy and the impact on his moral and psychological state, when the racists cannot feel safe even in the rear. In particular, it is already clear that the enemy is forced to give up applying long vulnerable columns, and launches single vehicles. That is, the rate of supply decreases, which negatively affects the combat capability of units on the front line.

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