The Seaport In the Temporarily Occupied Berdiansk Caught Fire

Video screenshot
Video screenshot

Ukraine’s military means are capable of reaching out russia’s infrastructural objects in the temporarily occupied Bardyansk

The seaport of the temporarily occupied Ukraine’s Bardyansk is on fire again and in the same place where once russia’s Saratov assault ship got burned down and two landing ships (Caesar Kunikov and Novocherkassk) were damaged.

Local residents have already taken pictures of the port, which was filled with characteristic smoke from fuel and lubricants. At the same time, there is not a single russia’s military ship nearby now.

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The cause of fire is also unknown, some sources report an impact, but local telegram channels state that there were no explosions.

Defense Express notes that the distance to the port of Berdyansk from the nearest possible launch areas of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is about 110-115 km, which makes this goal quite achievable for a whole range of weapons that are at the disposal of the Ukrainian military, in particular Tochka-U.

Most likely, it was the strike from this tactical missile system that caused the "smoke on the water" last time. But now, it is quite possible that it was the result of the successful actions of the resistance movement, or the bad habit of the russians to smoke in places not intended for this.

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